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March Madness… but not the one you think.

March Reviews

March has been very hectic for me. It is simply an insane month — maybe it’s because the winter refuses to go away (seriously, it snowed on the first day of spring)… or maybe it’s because it’s pre-State Test time (which induces crying, sleeplessness, nausea… and the students’ fare no better than the teachers!) … or perhaps it just feels so much longer compared to February.

In any case, I was only able to squeeze a little reading in:

The Meteorite Chronicles: EarthUnder by Edwin Thompson — a science fiction story about a meteorite hunter who must enlighten the world about what they are doing to our planet and save humanity in the process. I think it’s pretty cool the author’s initials are E.T.

The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain — a romantic tale about two strangers. One is mugged and ends up in a coma. The other finds a bag in a trashcan and decides to solve the mystery of this purse, which holds within a red notebook full of personal thoughts, fears, ideas, and random musings. It’s also set in Paris… enough said!

Lastly, The Winter Sea by Di Morrissey — a story of wanderlust and starting over (two of my favorite topics). It’s about a woman who goes off to a sleepy seaside town in Australia to rethink her life, and in the process decides to open up a new business, meet wonderful people, and then receives an inheritance that throws everything off kilter and opens up a whole can of worms about her father’s past. It’s told in alternating perspectives of past and present… and it’s fantastic.

I am now trying to make my way through Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. (More on that later!)

But the above reviews will be in the San Francisco Book Review in April!

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