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Spring-Time Reading

spring time reads

This spring has brought with it a new batch of reading material — and they are all quite different (sort of):

War Bonds– Love Stories of the Greatest Generation by Cindy Hval is a collection of beautiful and loving memories of couples who met during World War II. She recounts how these men and women met and stayed together for decades despite many obstacles. Who doesn’t love a good story? Well, what about 36 of them?

“Everything’s built on friendship. He’s been my best friend for 77 years.” – Betty Schott

The Heroes’ Welcome by Lauisa Young is about a group of friends returning from the first World War — (I guess I was on a bit of a thematic reading kick after all). As with any war, they are battered and broken, both inside and out. For some, their scars are worn on their face, for others, the traumatic memories of watching friends die has left lasting, yet unseen, wounds deep within their souls.

And lastly, The Dragon of Handale by Cassandra Clark is a mystery about a former nun who goes to spend some quiet time at the Handale Priory while she thinks deeply about whether or not she wants to resume her service. However, quiet time is not what she finds! There are all kinds of shenanigans going on deep within the cold, dark woods… including gruesome murders, poisonings, abductions, and disturbing punishments inflicted upon the sinning nuns.

My reviews should be in the San Francisco Book Review in the month of June. Until then: happy reading!

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